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Are Narcissists Bad In Bed Because They Only Think About Themselves?

Sex with a narcissist can be affected by narcissistic traits such as self-centeredness, lack of empathy, seeking validation, control, and difficulty with criticism.

Sexual intimacy is fundamental to human relationships, fostering connection, pleasure, and emotional fulfillment. However, what happens when one partner’s self-centeredness dominates the bedroom? This article delves into the intriguing question: Are narcissists bad in bed because they only think about themselves?

We will explore the characteristics of sexual narcissism, the impact it has on relationships, and why narcissists often fall short of satisfying their partners’ needs. By understanding the dynamics at play, individuals can recognize the signs of sexual narcissism and make informed decisions to foster healthier, more fulfilling connections.

Let’s dig deeper into the sex life of an individual with narcissistic personality disorder.

Are Narcissists Bad In Bed Because They Only Think About Themselves?

Yes, narcissists are bad in bed because of their inherent selfishness. Even if a narcissist is sexually competent in bed, it’s not because they are trying to please their partner. They only do it for themselves, as an attempt to manipulate and control.

Being involved sexually with a narcissistic individual can feel confusing and may vary depending on the individual and specific dynamics of the relationship. The individual with a narcissistic personality disorder may attempt to please someone sexually to get them emotionally attached, making them easier targets to influence and maintain as a source of narcissistic supply.

A narcissist is bad in bed for the following reasons:

Narcissists Manipulate Their Partners

Narcissistic individuals use sex as a tool to fulfill their desires at any cost. When faced with resistance to specific sexual requests, they may intensify pressure and resort to gaslighting or guilt-tripping. They will do anything to meet their selfish needs.

They Don’t Satisfy Their Partners

A narcissist is focused on themselves. They are not overly concerned with satisfying their partner sexually, so sexual experiences with a narcissist can be frustrating. You may be filled with doubt, emotionally drained, or in more severe cases, sexually abused after having a sexual relationship with a narcissist.

Narcissistic Individuals Like To Brag

Individuals with NPD have a constant need for somebody to validate them. Their sexual conquests are the perfect opportunity to boast about how good they are at sex and how many people they have been with. This can get them praise and admiration from their friends.

Narcissists Are Abusive

Specific narcissistic individuals display overly aggressive behaviours when denied something in the bedroom. They may become angry, frustrated, and even resort to violence. Denying a sexual request from a narcissist can bring a lot of unpleasant reactions.

They Lack Empathy

Narcissists will show no empathy for your feelings about anything sex-related, even if these things cause a lot of pain for you. Instead of being understanding, they quickly blame you and make it clear that your pleasure is solely your responsibility. Moreover, if a narcissist sees you becoming emotional, they get more agitated, seeing your vulnerability as a weakness.

Narcissists Criticize Their Partners

Sexual relationships with narcissistic individuals are very one-sided in nature. They are demanding and needy, expecting praise for their performance while criticizing your shortcomings and suggesting ways to improve, as they consider you inadequate and inferior.

In summary, narcissists are bad in bed because they are selfish and lack empathy. They prioritize their desires, manipulate their partners, and may resort to abusive behaviors. Pleasuring their partner is not their priority, and they often engage in gaslighting and criticism. Narcissists are not suited for healthy, committed relationships as they prioritize their ego over their partner’s well-being. If you are experiencing abuse in any relationship, you must contact the proper authorities to ensure you are safe and protected.

What Is Sexual Narcissism?

Sexual narcissism involves a consistent fixation on sexual matters, where interactions are marked by self-centeredness and an exaggerated sense of sexual prowess. While a sexual narcissist may initially appear romantic and passionate, a relationship with them often comes with many emotional discomforts.

Sexual relations with a narcissistic individual can be meaningless; Sexual narcissists often struggle with intimacy. While they may appear highly confident in their sexual abilities, many experts argue that this confidence stems from challenges in giving and receiving emotional intimacy.

There is a theory that suggests individuals may develop sexual narcissism as a result of low self-esteem, insecurity, and distorted beliefs about relationships. Consequently, sexual narcissists frequently hold negative attitudes towards sex and report diminished levels of sexual fulfillment, even though they may actively strive to enhance their satisfaction.

While narcissistic personality disorder (NPD) is an officially recognized DSM-5 diagnosis, sexual narcissism is an informal term that describes a specific pattern of sexual behavior in individuals who display certain narcissistic traits. It’s important to note that while some sexual narcissists may meet the diagnostic criteria for NPD, others may not fulfill the complete criteria for a formal diagnosis.

The consequences of a relationship with a sexually narcissistic partner can have diverse long-term effects, including low self-esteem, depression, anxiety, and potentially even sexual trauma or narcissistic abuse syndrome. On the other hand, sexual narcissists themselves are unlikely to attain the deep intimacy they truly desire through their behaviors. This may lead to depression, anxiety, feelings of emptiness, and anger. Additionally, some sexual narcissists may face legal repercussions due to their actions and experience adverse health outcomes such as elevated cortisol levels and associated health concerns.

are-narcissists-bad-in-bed? |

What Are The Signs Of Sexual Narcissism?

You look for their underlying insecurities regarding sex and how they react to these insecurities. They are grandiose and overconfident when it comes to sex as an attempt to hide low self-esteem. Sexual narcissists are generally anxious about sex and overcompensate.

Their sexual insecurities can often cause sexual frustration for individuals with a narcissistic personality disorder. To protect yourself, you should learn to recognize when you may be in a sexual relationship with a narcissist.

Earlier in this article, we discussed how narcissists are bad in bed because they only care about themselves. These are good indicators that you may be in a sexual relationship with a narcissist. Let’s explore other signs you can use to tell whether or not your romantic partner is a sexual narcissist.

  • They are charming and complementary at first

Sexual narcissists often initiate intimate relationships with charm, flattery, and an overwhelming display of affection. In the initial stages, they may even prioritize their partner’s pleasure during sexual encounters. Although these behaviors may appear appealing and sweep you off your feet, they are manipulative tactics employed by confident sexual narcissists to exert control over their partners.

  • They can’t take criticism.

Sexual narcissists exhibit a heightened sensitivity towards critiques regarding their sexual performance and physical appearance. When confronted with suggestions to modify positions or adjust the pace during sexual activities, they may appear indifferent or uninterested in the feedback. However, deep down, they interpret it as a blow to their ego, causing a narcissistic injury. In certain instances, perceived criticism can trigger narcissistic rage episodes, leading to aggressive and violent outbursts.

  • They say everybody wants them sexually

Sexual narcissists frequently present themselves and their sexual prowess as exceptional and superior, even though this may not always be true. While studies indicate that some sexual narcissists possess a strong sense of sexual confidence and view themselves as skilled lovers, others display confidence, grandiosity, and arrogance to compensate for their low self-esteem.

  • They’re never sexually satisfied

Despite their relentless pursuit of personal sexual gratification, sexual narcissists often experience low levels of sexual satisfaction and tend to attribute this to their partners. They may pass judgment or criticize their partner’s performance, suggesting that sex has become dull and requires a change. Additionally, sexual narcissists may subtly hint or overtly threaten that they seek satisfaction elsewhere if their partner fails to meet their expectations.

  • They expect praise

Sexual narcissists seek validation and bolster their self-esteem by yearning for, anticipating, and sometimes even insisting on receiving praise to fulfill their narcissistic needs. In the context of sexual encounters, this behavior can manifest as instructing partners to vocalize their sexual satisfaction or shower the sexual narcissist with compliments.

Recognizing the signs of sexual narcissism can help individuals protect themselves in relationships. These signs include charm followed by manipulation, sexual aggression, disregard for partner’s needs, selfish behavior, sensitivity to criticism, claims of universal desirability, perpetual dissatisfaction, and constant need for praise. Awareness of these signs enables individuals to make informed decisions and establish healthier relationships based on mutual respect and genuine intimacy.

are-narcissists-bad-in-bed? |


In conclusion, engaging in sexual relationships with narcissistic individuals can harm one’s emotional well-being. The inherent selfishness, lack of empathy, and manipulative tendencies of narcissists greatly impact their ability to be considerate, caring partners in the bedroom.

Narcissists may engage in abusive behaviors, such as gaslighting and guilt-tripping, to fulfill their sexual desires at any cost. They may become aggressive or even violent when faced with resistance or denial of their requests.

Moreover, sexual narcissists often use their sexual conquests to gain validation and admiration from others. They boast about their sexual prowess and the number of partners they have been with, seeking praise and recognition to boost their ego.

The consequences of being involved with a sexually narcissistic partner can be profound and long-lasting. It can result in diminished self-esteem, depression, anxiety, sexual trauma or narcissistic abuse syndrome.

For those who find themselves in a relationship with a sexually narcissistic individual, it is crucial to prioritize their well-being and seek support. Recognizing the signs of sexual narcissism, such as the initial charm followed by manipulation, insensitivity to criticism, perpetual dissatisfaction, and constant need for praise, can help individuals make informed decisions and establish healthier relationships based on mutual respect and genuine intimacy.

If you are experiencing abuse or are in a dangerous situation, seeking help from the appropriate authorities is essential to ensure your safety and protection. Remember that you deserve to be in a loving, supportive relationship where your needs and boundaries are respected.

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